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Interested in buying one of our finished homes? We sell completed projects to live-in buyers and investors at a discount to the open market. That means you get the best house in the neighborhood at the best price.

When we complete a project, it's complete. It is move in ready and maintenance free. We never cut corners and slap together a project to make a profit. Our reputation depends on it. This is a trait that we picked up on our very first project (that went terribly wrong I might add), but has carried on to the rest.

For owner-occupant buyers, please tell us about the property you are looking for. All will be "finshed and fancy", but what else? It's common for the best properties to be sold immediately when listed (i.e. buyers are waiting for good properties to hit the MLS). So to beat that rush, and probably get a better deal, get on our buyers list.

For completed project or wholesale investors, please get on our investor list and provide specific information including the type of property, location, and funding type. This information will better help us cater to your needs.